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*Please note sending through a reservation does not guarantee a booking has been made, only when our staff have contacted you and spoken with you regarding the booking is a booking then deemed confirmed*

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday from 5pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday from Midday

About Justin’s Reservations

On any given night we have 2 sitting sessions our early dinner sitting is anywhere between 5-6.30pm or our late dinner sitting is 7.30pm onwards. With all of the early dinner times (5-6.30pm) tables are rebooked 2 hours later for a second sitting, ie- 6.30pm-8.30pm, at which time you are welcome to move to the bar or rooftop to continue on with us. Your other option is to book from 7.30pm or later where you do not need to be out by any particular time.

Groups bookings of 9 or more people are automatically placed on our $39 banquet menu.

Justin’s Function Room only operates on a Friday & Saturday night.